Are we ready for tomorrow’s war? The reason behind the question is that we think so conventionally, we need to look into the future. This is the time to analyze our growth in compare of other big countries like China.

A inspection to the past
We were moved to a snail’s pace, the reason was the slow growth in our weapon’s development and lacking of funds, lacking of technology and no R&D base and most importantly no strategy for the growth. We saw some huge changes in Indian economy in 1990s. Although a small fund was released for the R&D in DRDO but we came with a good success of Prithvi, Brahmos and Agni missile.

What we have been up to?
India’s forces are well prepared and are getting stronger with the technical and scientific support of DRDO and we are highly engaged in ongoing projects in Science and technology.
Indian armed forces are poised for major modernization in the next fifteen years. The process would involve upgrades of hardware and systems as well as purchase of new state of are equipment to enable them to meet the security challenges in the coming decades. “If India is enhancing its power on land, air and water, then it is for the welfare of mankind” Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi said.
The defence industry in India is important sector with a strength of over 1.44 million active personnel and it is the world’s largest military force. The total budget allowed for the Indian military for the financial year 2020 is $60.9 billion which is third largest defence budget after USA and China. The goal of “Defence production policy 2018” is to become among the top
five global producer of the aerospace and defence manufacturing by 2025.
Wars in future would be not only network centric but complex also and the Indian defence system is well prepared for it, having a long term plan based on analysis of threats.
Cyberspace is to be tempestuously contested in future to critical national infrastructure.
India has became word’s largest defence related equipment importer spending billions in the defence sector. Below we have some latest defence deals of India:

1. In February 2020, India has given a green signal to $2.3 billion deal of fleet vessel ship
with turkey.
2. India with US signed $930 million agreement for 6 apache helicopters for Indian army.
3. In 2018, India signed a $2.6 billion deal with USA for MH-60 Romeo helicopter.
4. The government of India has signed Rs 800 Crore deal with the Isreal to procure 16,479
Negav light machine guns for the Indian defence forces.
5. The government of India has signed a $190 million deal with USA to procure two self-protection suites. These suits will be retrofitted on the two custom built boeing-777 aircraft.
6. On March 1, 2020, India signed a $40 million deal with Armenia, Europe to supply 4 SWATHI weapon location radars.


India should be prepared for a whole new range of battle scenarios involving computers and digital weapons. Many technologies once considered science fiction have already been realised such as USA and Russian defence scientists have created exo-skeletons, self
steering bullets, sniper detection devices and indestructible tanks made of composite metal foams.
Such drastic changes in military technologies engender what is known as a revolution in military affairs, as a country pools its economic and scientific resources to embrace sweeping military reforms and revolutionary martial philosophies.

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