Technology is that the knowledge base to form new devices and machine to facilitate humans. The word Technology comes from two Greek words. “techno” and “logos”. Techno means skilled required to craft somethings and logos means study. it’s made our life really easy and has given such a lot of facilities, which we could never have imagined before. All things that we use in daily routine like, Internet, cars, Air conditioners, Mobile phones, Computer etc. Are all the samples of technology. Technology also helps us within the field of agriculture, medical, education and economy. Technology helped plenty to the doctors to search out effective thanks to cure diseases through medicine or operations with the utilization of equipment’s science and technology are Interdependent on one another, advance within the field of science brings advance in technology. The research, experiments and observations that are conducted within the field of science help to style and produce technological product and devices that benefit humanity. Now a day’s people became accosted to the employment of technology invention humans cannot do without them. If we are going to remove technology life will become difficult. 

Science and technology are important parts of our day-to-day life. We rise up within the morning from the ringing of our alarm clocks and attend bed in the dead of night after switching our lights off. of these are resultant of science and technology. 

In today’s world, the role of science and technology is indispensable. we want science and technology in every sphere of life. Infact, without technology, we cannot imagine our life. 

Works may be done easier through high-tech machines and equipment’s. It gives less work for humans and job is done faster. It makes human to feel comfortable and simple to measure. New research technology is in continues process and researches have explored new topics for Investigations like environment and renewable energy, space science, electronics stem-cell investigations and lots of others. Science and technology have enabled man to lock further than our planet. The establishment of satellites in space and also the discovery of recent plants is all due to science and technology. 

Edward Teller says that “The Science of today is that the technology of tomorrow”. Science and technology are Interlinked in such a way that they produce Mirales in our life. Science and technology have assisted in advancing various fields including space technology, Mathematics, Astrophysics and atomic energy etc. Some examples of those developments are the smartphones, the line and therefore the metro system. Many villages are now being developed as cities and towns are within the type of cities and during this way there has been development within the areas of economy. Various policies created by the govt have emphasized on self-sufficiency and sustainable development and growth throughout the country. 

In this nowadays, for a nation to be strong, powerful and well development from other countries, new inventions are necessary within the field of science and technology. In this competitive society, we want more techniques to grow and become a successful in life. 

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